Ms. Taylor

Del Webb MS Orchestra

Del Webb Middle School

Welcome to the Del Webb Middle School Orchestra Program!

  • Orchestra Fee

    Orchestra Fee - $40.00 and includes:

    Orchestra Fee is due Friday, August 29.

    PAYMENT OPTIONS: The fee can be paid by cash or money order through:more

  • Orchestra News and Info on

    All news and information pertaining to the Del Webb MS Orchestra program can be found at School Code: DelWebbOrch

  • Daily Point Make Up Assignment List [FILE]

    Students earn 10 points per day in Orchestra. This is a list of assignments that can be submitted to make up for Daily Points that are missed when students are absent.

  • What To Look For When Buying/Renting an Instrument [FILE]

    This document is a helpful guide for orchestra students and parents who are interested in purchasing or renting a stringed instrument.

  • Citizenship Form [FILE]

    How to earn an "O" in Citizenship in Orchestra

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