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Gibson, Robert O.

Welcome to 6th Grade Life Science!

Current Resources

  • Completed Final Exam Study Guide [FILE]

    This is the completed final exam study guide. Study guides must be handwritten and will be glued into notebooks and may be used on the final exam. Some of the questions may be numbered differently, but the answers are all on this document.

  • Table of Contents [FILE]

    This is my completed copy of the Table of Contents. If you followed directions gluing this will help you.

  • Urinary System Review [LINK]

    This is a great way to review the urinary system.

  • Bone Names [LINK]

    This is another game to help you study the names of bones. Remember we have a test on names of bones this Friday!

  • Whack A Bone [LINK]

    Fun games to help you learn the names of bones in the skeletal system.

  • Megacell Cell Organelle Game [LINK]

    This game is a comic book-style game. You need to read all pages to review the organelles and their functions or else you'll end up killing Megacell at the end of the comic book! Good luck!

  • Cell organelle Function Study Tool [LINK]

    Test your knowledge of cell organelles by dragging and dropping the organelle name with its function.

  • Cell Webquest [FILE]

    This is the document with links that will help you complete your cell organelle booklet and your cell reengineering. This is due Friday, March 15th~

  • Science Power Worldbook Online [LINK]

    This is the direct link to SciencePower on Worldbook Online. This usually works at school, but not at home. At home, use the word document link and directions also posted here.

  • Worldbook Online [FILE]

    This document has the directions to get to the Worldbook Online Website to complete the Webquest. You need to click on the link, then open the document. There is a link on the document that you may either Control Click on, or copy the website address and paste it on the address bar. The ID and password is on the word document. ID gibson1 Password scots

  • Severe Weather Brochure Project [FILE]

    This is a document containing the directions about this assignment including the rubric on which you will be graded.

    There are some helpful website links on page 2 that may help you. If you use the link, you hold the control key and click on the link and it will open a new window with that page opened.

    This assignment is due completed at the beginning of class on Thursday 1/17.

  • Quizziz on States of Matter [LINK]

    This is a study game that you can play on a device. It will help you study for the exam.

  • Quizziz on Properties of Matter [LINK]

    This is another study game that will help you study for the midterm.

  • Quizziz on Water Cycle [LINK]

    This is another study game that will help study for the midterm exam .

  • Ever fi Hockey Science [LINK]

    This is the link for Ever fi. There is a separate code for each class period. Remember to write down your ID and PW on the cover sheet of your science notebook.

  • Course Expectations Grade 6 [FILE]

    This is the Course Expectation for 6th Grade Science.

  • College Campus Tours [LINK]

    This site lets you investigate different colleges and learn about what they have available. Some schools even have a virtual tour so you can look at their campus.

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