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Welcome to 6th Grade Life Science!

  • Mid-term Exam

    Students may use their hand-written completed study guide and their Science Notebook on the mid-term exam if they bring it.

  • Course Expectations, Safety and Tech. Agreement

    Parents, please be aware that during the first two weeks of school your student may have "homework" that involves the guardian directly! Parent/Guardian signatures are required on Course Expectation, Safety Agreement, and iPad/Chromebook Usage Agreement and students are graded upon... more

  • Course Expectations Grade 6

    Welcome to Grade 6 Regular and Accelerated Science! You will find the Course Expectations under the "Resources" tab on this website. Students will be given the signature slip on Wednesday, 8/22/18 stating they have read the expectations and need parent/guardian signature showing... more

  • Completed Final Exam Study Guide [FILE]

    This is the completed final exam study guide. Study guides must be handwritten and will be glued into notebooks and may be used on the final exam. Some of the questions may be numbered differently, but the answers are all on this document.

  • Table of Contents [FILE]

    This is my completed copy of the Table of Contents. If you followed directions gluing this will help you.

  • Urinary System Review [LINK]

    This is a great way to review the urinary system.

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