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Ms. Harris' 5th grade class.

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  • Specials

    Monday - Music
    Tuesday - P.E.
    Wednesday - Art
    Thursday - P.E.
    Friday - Library (11:35 AM)

  • Great American Awards Program

    The informational packet on The Great American Program was given to the kids today. Please help your child memorize the elements of the program. This should be done as homework in addition to the math and reading that is assigned every night.
    The first 3 (Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled... more

  • Khan Academy [LINK]

    This site is a good reference for math help.

  • Understanding Powers of Ten [LINK]

    Here is a video for Lesson 2

  • Place Value video [LINK]

    We have been working on place value. This is a video that you can watch to help your child understand place value.

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