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Ms. Harris' 5th grade class.

Beatty, John R. Es

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  • Parent Conferences

    Parent conferences are scheduled for the week of November 6th. You can go on ksharris.youcanbook.me to schedule your conference.

  • Supplies and other information.

    We are set for supplies at this time. Please remember that during the winter we run out of Kleenex. During the cold season classroom gifts of tissue are greatly appreciated.
    Pencils are always in demand, if you would like to donate more at any time, please feel free! :)
    The 25 dollar... more

  • Great American Awards

    The informational packet on The Great American Program was given to the kids today. Please help your child memorize the elements of the program. This should be done as homework in addition to the math and reading that is assigned every night.
    The first 3 (Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled... more

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