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Please check your class's website regularly for information.

  • Scholastic Book Orders

    Due dates are announced in class. Online ordering code is LNH7F. You can order online or send in a check made payable to Scholastic.

  • Notes about grades and score symbols

    All AB's will be accepted late but will lose 10% per day up to 40% loss.

    Any projects turned in late will lose 10% per day for each day that it is late and will only be accepted for 4 days. After this it will be a MF.

    All ROL's will count as full credit until... more

  • Using this website

    Please take the time to understand where assignments are posted. I do post a lot of the instructions from my class here as well as the weekly agenda and extra copies of assignments, rubrics, etc. Please feel free to email me at any time. My email address is

  • There are no Resources posted at this time.
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