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    For Aug 12, 2019

    Dear Families,
    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my first grade class. My name is Mrs. Axile and I am delighted to be your child’s teacher for this school year. I have worked for the Clark County School District for many years and believe that teaching children is an absolute privilege. I do not take this responsibility lightly and urge you to join me on this journey of discovery and learning.

    There is important information that I wish to convey to you at this time which will answer many of your questions about my policies and procedures.

    Homework will be assigned each day. The homework assignments throughout the week will include activities for spelling, reading, and math. Your child is expected to read for ten to fifteen minutes per evening, practice oral reading to develop fluency, and study his/her spelling words daily. A reading log will be included to record your child’s reading time as well as the book title. Please assist in filling this out during the first semester only. Your child will be required to complete this log sheet in his or her own handwriting beginning with the second semester. Homework that is more than one day late will not be accepted.
    Please note: Homework is to be completed under the supervision of an adult and reviewed by parent/guardian before it is handed in.

    Our specials will consist of Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library. I have included a current specials schedule. However, the schedule is always subject to change. I will notify you if and when any changes occur to the schedule.

    Lunch will be from 11:50 to 12:20. Please explain to your child the importance of using this time to eat instead of talk so that he or she can get crucial nutrition at the mid-day hour.

    I have rules in place to insure that my classroom is a positive and effective learning environment for all students. These rules are being provided to you and have already been explained in detail to your son or daughter. It would be greatly appreciated if you could also discuss these rules again at home with your child so that he or she clearly understands the behavior that is expected on a daily basis. This reinforcement at home will assist me in setting the tone here in school.

    Respect others.
    Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
    Raise your hand to speak.
    Follow directions.
    Be kind.

    The behavior plan in my classroom consists of a Ladder of Success. Each student has a star with his or her name on it. That star will advance up a step for outstanding choices above the norm. Treasure Box is the reward when your child’s star reaches the top of the ladder. Likewise, the star will go down a step for poor choices. Serious infractions will result in a citation or referral to the office. He or she will also be able to earn points awarded to his or her table group if the group has made positive choices as a team. Team points are tallied at the end of each week to determine the winning group. Treasure Box is again the reward and consists of school supplies such as pencils, erasers, etc. This system allows for each child to have ample opportunity to earn points on a repeated basis and will provide positive reinforcement for good behavior. However, all points are subject to be taken away for behavior which is not consistent with our established classroom rules. These behavior incentives are in addition to our school-wide Beep Beeps that are in conjunction with the Positive Behavior Interventions Support program.

    It is the policy at Aggie Roberts Elementary School to not have birthday parties take place in the classroom. If you wish to commemorate your child's special day by sending in some remembrance, it must be a non-food item. This is a school policy that must be adhered to for this school year. Please make sure that you provide enough for all students. You may also recognize a child's birthday by donating a book to the class library in your child's name. This serves as a more lasting token of your son or daughter's special day that can be enjoyed by the entire class.

    If your child is absent for any reason, please send in a written note to explain the missed days. In order to excuse the absence, a written note must be received within three days of your child’s return to school for such things as illness, family emergency, death in the family, etc. Extended absences must be prearranged in advance with school administration, not the classroom teacher. Make-up work will be provided upon your child’s return to school. If your child is absent, he or she will have three days to make up the work and hand it in without it being counted as a late assignment.

    It is crucial that your child is aware of how he or she is to get home each evening. If there are any changes in your established routine during the course of the day, you must contact the school office and talk with someone personally so they may establish your identity. If your child routinely rides the bus and there is a day that he or she will not be taking the bus home, you will need to either provide me with a written note stating that your child will be getting home by some other alternate transportation or call the office. Do not leave this information in a voice mail message because I am unable to accept phone calls while I am teaching. This information must be given personally to an office clerk so that the change in transportation can be officially verified. The office will get your message to me.

    Website: I maintain a website that contains current information about our class such as specials schedules, spelling words, etc. If you have internet access, this will serve as a helpful tool to stay up-to-date with our activities and assignments.

    I look forward to a wonderful and exciting year working with your child and urge you to contact me whenever you have any concerns. I can be reached at (702)799-1320.


    Mrs. Axile


    Monday – P.E.
    Tuesday – Music
    Wednesday – Art
    Thursday – Library
    Friday – P.E.