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  • 5-13-15 I hope you did well for the sub


    TFK=Due on Monday.

    Finish Mountain Men final drafts.

    Finish memory Masters from lesson 1 and 2 chapter 5

    Finish Video sheets

    Work on UOI project model, have ideas ready to share with partners and bring in
    any materials... more

  • 12-19-14

    First off, let me say thank you very much for all the wonderful gifts and school supplies. I greatly appreciate all the love :-) On another note, as I mentioned yesterday, I hope our class discussion sinks in and you truly think about the legacy you would like to leave as a... more

  • 12-8-14

    For Dec 08, 2014

    Parents: Just a reminder that the Carson City Field trip deposit of $25 is due the day we get back from Winter Break. Also, as, the holidays approach, many time students bring in gifts. Though I always appreciate gifts, I would rather have gifts of items for the... more

  • Carson City [FILE]

    learn it, live it, love it

  • sbac [LINK]

    good luck :)

  • build your bib [LINK]

    follow directions

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  • Dear Parents and guardians,


  • welcome

    Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage,

    A little about me: I have been teaching fifth grade for six years. I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, and I absolutely love fulfilling my dream! I attended Slippery Rock University in PA for my undergrad in elementary... more

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