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  • 3-27-15 Happy Field Day and Spring Break

    Carson City: May 27-29
    1st) Reflex at least 3 times

    2nd) Choice book at least 3 different days

    3th) Read fluency builder, write time, get is signed: Canyon, Kayla, Ryan, Zion, Ayonna, Chris, Valeria, Pedro, Crystal, Eva, Anthony, Jenny, Jose, Marco... more

  • McKay

    You will be writing a paper explaining comparing and contrasting tardigrades and extremophiles. To do so you will need to take two pages of notes on each organism explaining what they are, where they live, how the function, and overall interesting facts about them. Make sure you keep track of the... more

  • 3-26-15 Thanks Dr. Sun :)

    Carson City: May 27-29
    1st) Finish down division and Multiplying fractions on SI

    2nd) ROBOT TFK/robot sheet it’s due tomorrow

    3th) Choice book

    4th) Read fluency builder, write time, get is signed: Canyon, Kayla... more

  • sbac [LINK]

    good luck :)

  • build your bib [LINK]

    follow directions

  • achieve3000 [LINK]

    try your best

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  • Dear Parents and guardians,


  • welcome

    Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage,

    A little about me: I have been teaching fifth grade for six years. I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, and I absolutely love fulfilling my dream! I attended Slippery Rock University in PA for my undergrad in elementary... more

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