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  • 1-30-15 food for smores

    Classroom needs: Smores is almost out of food, so if you have please pick some up for him. Thanks a bunch.

    Today started out well. You did a fantastic job working with your teammates to finish your posters. You also stayed on task and focused almost the entire... more

  • 1-29-15

    I was not in class today, because I was in a meeting so I am hoping the students did well.

    The following homework was classwork that students had all morning to work on, so they should not have much homework to do if they focused and stayed on task.

  • 1-28-15

    Just FYI I forgot my phone at home today, so if you were trying to get text or call me, then I will not be able to get back to you until I get home around 7:00pm. Also I noticed many students are shoving multiple papers in one paper protector and coming to school with tons of papers... more

  • achieve3000 [LINK]

    try your best

  • easycbm [LINK]


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  • Dear Parents and guardians,


  • welcome

    Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage,

    A little about me: I have been teaching fifth grade for six years. I have always known I wanted to be a teacher, and I absolutely love fulfilling my dream! I attended Slippery Rock University in PA for my undergrad in elementary... more

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