Science 6 2019-2020

Gibson, Robert O.

Welcome to Science 6!

  • Course Expectations

    You will find the Course Expectations under the "Resources" tab on this website.

  • Course Expectations [FILE]

    Welcome to Grade 6 Regular and Accelerated Science! Students will be given the signature slip on Friday, 8/30/19 stating that they have read the expectations and need parent/guardian signature showing that it has been read as well.

    We are putting this on line instead of printing a... more

  • You Can Go To College Site [LINK]

    This site has some great information comparing college graduates to high school graduates, and how to save for college.

  • College Campus Tours [LINK]

    This site lets you investigate different colleges and learn about what they have available. Some schools even have a virtual tour so you can look at their campus.

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