Hawks 4th Grade

John R. Beatty

Welcome to 4th grade!

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  • There are no posted at this time.
  • Typing [LINK]

    Dance Mat Typing
    It is fun and international!

  • 2 Minute Math Fact Drills [LINK]

    Math Fact tests are 2 minutes long. We start with addition +0/1 and move through subtraction and multiplication. Each test has 50 problems. 100% on a test and you advance to the next number. Check out our chart on the classroom door to see what you need to practice next.

  • Math HOMEWORK Help [LINK]

    Refer to your child's math homework and look for the lesson number on the top right corner of the paper. For example: LESSON 7 HOMEWORK 2.1.

    Then click on the link to find the lesson. Watch the video for help in the homework.

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