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  • Homework Assignments

    Homework assignments will ALWAYS be located under the Resources Tab. You must COPY and PASTE the link provided into a new web browser. The hyperlink does NOT work.

    Homework will be assigned Mondays and due Wednesdays unless there is a holiday, then it will be assigned Tuesday due... more

  • Course Expectations [FILE]

    Please see the course expectations

  • Homework #5 Body Mass Index: BMI [LINK]

    Assigned on Monday February 11th due on Wednesday February 13th

    Copy and Paste the hyperlink into a new web browser


  • Homework #7 [LINK]

    Aerobic and Anaerobic Activity
    Assigned Monday February 25th Wednesday February 27th

    Copy and paste the following link into a new web browser:


  • There are no Podcasts posted at this time.
  • Ladies,

    Remember fitness testing is a STARTING point to your current fitness level.  You should aim to improve your fitness test results throughout the semester through the variety of activities we do in class. 

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