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  • Page 4: Q1 Table of Contents due 10/4A or 10/5B

    Fill in the table of contents on page 4 of your notebook. Fill in page 6 to 77. You can copy directly from my your notebook or you can look at the page list I have under Interactive Notebook section of the website.

  • Pika Lab due 9/20 A or 9/21 B

    Complete the 2 graphs (bar graph and scatter plot). Be sure to have labels, units, and a scientific title. On the scatter plot tell me if it was a positive or negative correlation.
    Complete the reasoning. See page 6 for instructions and also look at the Alka-Seltzer lab we wrote together... more

  • Succession Vocabulary due 10/4 A or 10/5 B

    Define and create a picture for the 28 words on page 38. See page 11 for instructions.

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