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Welcome to Mr. Phillips' U.S. Government page. You can find resources, assignments and announcements pertaining to your class here.

  • Test 9/27 and 9/28

    Test on Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Outline of the Constitution will be next week. Study guide is posted under "Assignments." It is required work. Don't forget it. It is your friend.

  • Origins of Government Test 9/7 and 9/8

    Study guide is posted under assignments... YOU ARE WELCOME TO USE A 3"x5" "cheat sheet" that summarizes the study guide.

  • 10/17 and 10/18

    *Warm up
    *Think Pair Share Document Analysis

  • 10/13 and 10/16

    *We summarized 1st Amendment rights.
    *We took 7 minutes to read up on the topic, "Is Civil Disobedience Ever Justified?"
    Read the first two pages at:
    *We took short notes on distinction between just and unj... more

  • 10/11 and 10/12

    Today we took an open notes quiz on the 1st Amendment.
    Then we worked on your DBQ. The DBQ is due on 10/17 or 10/18 at the beginning of class. No additional class time will be granted.

  • Syllabus: 2017-2018 [FILE]

    Class Syllabus

  • Logical Fallacy Chart [LINK]

    Don't despair. Just because people on Twitter argue without class does not mean that you must. Arm yourself with logic. Be nice. People will appreciate it. You will learn to focus on issues, not emotions or fluff.

  • Foreign Language Resources [LINK]

    Multilingual Resources Page

  • There are no Podcasts posted at this time.
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