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  • 3/15 and 3/16

    *Kahoot for Warm up: Review Bill of rights...
    *Lecture: First 8 pages of ppt.
    *Quiz Quiz Trade (US Citizenship question review)
    *Complete document analysis for Article III of US Constitution (See attachment)

  • 3/9 and 3/12

    We had a day of amnesty.

    1. I issued every student a list of missing work. You have until Tuesday to get it turned in.
    2. We watched a video on "Flipping the White House" (See Google Classroom)
    3. I gave you about 30 minutes to work on missing work or your study ... more

  • 3/7 and 3/8

    *Warm Up
    *Lecture: Domestic and Foreign Policy
    *Video Notes: Interventionism vs. Isolationism (See Google Classroom)
    *Application: Treaty, Military Action, or Foreign Aid (See end of powerpoint. Answer on your warmup)

  • Syllabus: 2017-2018 [FILE]

    Class Syllabus

  • Logical Fallacy Chart [LINK]

    Don't despair. Just because people on Twitter argue without class does not mean that you must. Arm yourself with logic. Be nice. People will appreciate it. You will learn to focus on issues, not emotions or fluff.

  • Foreign Language Resources [LINK]

    Multilingual Resources Page

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