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  • 8/21 and 8/22

    See Powerpoint.

    Today we did:

    *A Warm Up
    * Took notes
    *Read portions of Code of Hammurabi and took a quiz on the Code of Hammurabi.

  • 8/17, 8/18

    Today we:
    1) Completed a U.S. Government pretest. See Mr. Phillips if you were not able to take this test.
    2) We learned a structure called "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" and practiced that structure by learning questions and answers for the U.S. Citizenship test ( more

  • Syllabus Confirmation Assignment

    Print out the syllabus certification, sign and return in class. This is worth 20 assignment points.

  • Syllabus: 2017-2018 [FILE]

    Class Syllabus

  • Logical Fallacy Chart [LINK]

    Don't despair. Just because people on Twitter argue without class does not mean that you must. Arm yourself with logic. Be nice. People will appreciate it. You will learn to focus on issues, not emotions or fluff.

  • Class Text [LINK]

    Link to classroom text, "US Government: Democracy in Action"

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