Math/Science Proficiency

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Welcome to Math/Science Proficiency class.

Current Resources

  • Study Island [LINK]

    Study Island is an interactive software program developed to help students around the United States to prepare for several academic exams including but not limited to the High School Graduate Equivalency Degree Exam (GED Exam) and the Nevada High School Proficiency exams.

  • Go to for a great resource of practice proficiency exams as well as study materials.

    Select Science or Math options on the toolbar.

    In the next window that pops up, select NHSPE (Nevada High School Proficiency Exam).

    Under the list of choices, the first choice "Interactive at Quia" will allow you to take a practice exam.

  • Practice Proficiency Exam, 2009.

  • Science Proficiency Practice Problems [FILE]

    After completing the review, this group of problems will prime your brain even more. Complete this portion and the next step will be to take the practice proficiency exam which is the next resource.

  • Proficiency Review [FILE]

    After reviewing the science vocabulary, please go over this proficiency review which will prepare you for the practice problems (the next resource on the list).

  • Science Vocabulary [FILE]

    This is a great science vocabulary list, especially for English as a Second Language learners.