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Current Web Access

  • Affixes [LINK]

    Learn everything you can about how words are formed with the use of prefix-root word-suffix from Mrs. Warner's 4th Grade Classroom.

  • Discovery Education [LINK]

    Access videos and activities by visiting Discovery Education.

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    (Student Number needs to be 8 digits. Use leading zeros if needed.)
    password: birthyear+last 4 of your student number

    username: 0501269_CCSD
    password: 19931269

  • ST Math at Home [FILE]

    Here are instructions to accessing ST Math at home.

  • Parts of Speech Games [LINK]

    Skill activity

  • Lexile Level Finder [LINK]

    Find your book level by typing in the title, author or ISBN.

  • Understanding Common Core Standards [LINK]

    Here's a quick 3 minute video to help understand what the common core standards are.

  • Math Magician [LINK]

    Test your math fact speed by going against the computer.

  • Phonics Lessons [LINK]

    Learn about all the phonics rules.

  • Math Fact Practice Sheets [LINK]

    Create practice sheets at home.

  • Science and Social Studies [LINK]

    Visit various websites to feed your curiosity about science and social studies.

  • Front Row [LINK]

    Do you want a front row seat to your math education? Practice math concepts you've learned and learn something new along the way.

    To sign in:
    type your first name and last name.
    CLASS CODE: eyuqzx

  • Nevada, Our Home [LINK]

    Scavenger hunt for history and knowledge.

  • STMath on your Tablet [FILE]

    Access your codes to practice with Jiji on your tablet.

  • Figurative Language [LINK]

    Play an interactive game to practice your knowledge of figurative language.

    (RL.4.1 Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.)

  • Alphabet Sounds [LINK]

    Listen and practice vowel sounds.