Lisa Pitch, Research Department

Research Department

Current Background

  • Education Research [LINK]

    Research conducted at CCSD.

  • ImproveCareNow [LINK]


    Transform the health, care and costs for all children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by building a sustainable collaborative chronic care network, enabling patients, families, clinicians and researchers to work together in a learning health care system to accelerate innovation, discovery and the application of new knowledge.

  • Elon University Poll [FILE]

    About the Elon University Poll

    Using a computer-assisted telephone interviewing lab on campus, Elon University conducts frequent regional and statewide surveys on issues of importance to North Carolinians as well as other southern states. Information from these polls is shared with media, citizens and public officials to facilitate informed public policy making through the better understanding of citizens’ opinions and attitudes. By conducting several public opinion surveys annually, the Elon University Poll is easily recognized as the “poll of record in North Carolina.”

    The Elon University Poll ...

    was started in 2000; polls are usually conducted three times each semester.
    is fully funded by Elon University as a public service to citizens; it is a neutral, independent operation & does no contract work.
    seeks to measure issues, policies, and candidate status (e.g., favorability ratings for political candidates), in addition to candidate support; we attempt to understand the “why” of citizens’ perspectives, not only “who” they support.
    is generally conducted over several days (which is normally Monday through Thursday evenings from 5-9 p.m. EST) to ensure broad coverage and promote participation. Our results are usually released over two business days beginning the morning after we finish our survey.
    is conducted using a stratified random sample of households derived from both wireless and landline telephone numbers.
    uses live interviewers; our interviewers manually dial telephone numbers.
    employs trained interviewers; these interviewers are monitored during the poll to ensure instrument administration and data entry integrity.
    has a CATI system software (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) and a 40 station survey laboratory; each station is equipped with survey software and computers networked by a dedicated server.

  • Curriculum vitae [FILE]

    Curriculum vitae