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  • From 8/30 Everything in the Google Classroom!

    From 8/30, all announcements and class summaries will be in the Google classroom. Nothing will be posted here anymore for this school year.

  • Chapter 2 Test (September 7 and 8)

    The Chapter 2 test will be given on Thursday 9/6 for Period 7 and on Friday 9/7 for Periods 8. There will be sections in the multiple choice part of the test on the following: Units of Measurement, Qualitative/Quantitative, Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, the Scientific Method, Density... more

  • Week 2 Notebook Check

    The composition notebook will be checked on Tuesday 8/28 for Period 7 and Wednesday 8/29 for Period 8.

  • Measurement Day 3 (8/28 and 8/29)

    Class started with a clicker exercise on Significant Figures. Then there was a PowerPoint and worksheet on adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing numbers from the standpoint of significant figures. Next, there was work on dimensional analysis (DA#6, which was homework, and DA#7). Lastly, ther... more

  • Measurement Day 2 (Aug. 24 and 27)

    After collecting the HW (DA#5), there was a PowerPoint on Significant Figures. After the PowerPoint, there was a recitation exercise and a half sheet on significant figures. The half sheet goes in the notebook on page 15. Next there was a PowerPoint on Scientific Notation and a corresponding half ... more

  • Measurement Day 1 (8/22 and 8/23)

    For the warm up exercise, students wrote the metric prefixes in their notebook (page 12) from small to big: nano-, micro-, milli-, NO PREFIX, kilo, mega, and giga. A THOUSAND OF THE LITTLE THING MAKES 1 OF THE NEXT BIGGEST THING. After going over the homework (Ch. 2 Word Search), there was a Power... more

  • Math with Significant Figures [FILE]

    This is the PowerPoint that was presented in class on 8/28 and 8/29.

  • Measurement Practice [FILE]

    This PowerPoint was given in class on 8/24 and 8/27.

  • Scientific Notation [FILE]

    This PowerPoint was given in class on 8/24 and 8/27.

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