Mr. Aberman's AP U.S. History

Coronado HS -- Henderson, NV


"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know." - Harry S Truman

  • KEY TERMS from the 1990s to (PERHAPS?) KNOW

    1) Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991 (first Iraq War); protection of Saudi Arabia ("Operation Desert Shield"); liberation of Kuwait ("Operation Desert Storm")
    2) Rodney King Beating by L.A.P.D., 1991; after acquittal of officers, L.A. Riots, 1992 (worst race riots in U.S. since... more


    ***MOST, but NOT ALL, of the following events will take place in Room 810***

    ***One or two of them have now been scheduled for Room 200***

    REVIEW SESSIONS (bring your own food; pizza will be served!):

    1) Wed., 4/8, 5pm-7pm -- Colonial through... more


    The next TWO opportunities for extra credit to count towards 3rd Quarter will consist of practice tests and a movie in Room 810.

    There will be two chances to attend each:

    PRACTICE TESTS (old multiple choice format, but STILL a PHENOMENAL way to review old material):more

  • JFK: Beyond Assassination Video Worksheet

    The worksheet for the video "JFK: Beyond Assassination" will be due on Wednesday, 5/27.

    If students are absent for either Tuesday or Wednesday, this assignment will be excused.

  • Intro./Thesis/Fact Words on 1950s-1970s Topics

    The Intro. Paragraph/Thesis and Fact Words on the 1950s-1970s Topics [see below] are due no later than Wednesday, 5/6.

    ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a FULL-LENGTH INTRO. PARAGRAPH and THESIS STATEMENT for the TWO QUESTIONS assigned to your class period. At the end of each Intro. paragraph, L... more

  • Chapter 42 Vocabulary

    The Chapter 42 Vocabulary is due on Friday, 5/1.

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