Mr. Aberman's AP U.S. History

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"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know." - Harry S Truman

"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin


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    phone number/extension: (702) 799-6800, ext. 3810

  • Chapter 2-5 Test

    The Chapter 2-5 Test will take place in class on Wednesday, 8/30.

    PLEASE NOTE: While the first yellow packet included questions on Chapter 1, this test only covers material from chapters 2-5. Please remember this while you are studying!

    ALSO NOTE: Students can earn EXT... more

  • Chapter 1-5 Yellow Packet

    The Chapter 1-5 Yellow Packet will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, 8/30.

    ** Students must have answered Sections II ("Major Questions and Concepts for Consideration") and IV ("Thought Provokers") from each chapter in the packet. PLEASE ANSWER ONLY T... more

  • John Winthrop Annotations (10 total)

    Students must tear out John Winthrop's sermon entitled "A Model of Christian Charity" from their yellow packets, read it, and annotate it TEN times. These annotations will be turned in as a homework assignment on Friday, 8/25.

  • Short Answer Questions (SAQs), 2015-2017 [FILE]

    Short Answer Questions (SAQs), 2015-2017

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the newest portion of the AP U.S. History exam. That is why there are questions for only the past three years.

  • Documents Based Questions (DBQs), 1973-2017 [FILE]

    Documents Based Questions (DBQs), 1973-2017

    PLEASE NOTE: This file includes only the essay prompts, not the accompanying documents.

  • Free Response Questions (FRQs), 1962-2017 [FILE]

    Free Response Questions (FRQs), 1962-2017

    PLEASE NOTE: Since the 2015 APUSH exam, these types of essay questions are now being referred to as the "Long Essay Questions" or "LEQs."

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