Mr. Aberman's AP U.S. History

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"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know." - Harry S Truman

  • "Changing Place of Women" D.B.Q. Exercis

    There will be a practice D.B.Q. exercise IN CLASS on Monday, 11/30, on the topic of the "Changing Place of Women" during the mid-19th century.

    This exercise will be explained at the time. No prior reading is required.

  • Chapter 16 Quiz

    On Monday, 11/30, there will be a quiz at the START of class covering the 19th century Reform Movements covered in Chapter 16 during the week before Thanksgiving.

  • Property in Utopian Communities - Annotations/Quiz

    On Wednesday, 11/25, there will be a quiz before the end of class covering the annotated reading assignment entitled, "On Property in Utopian Communities."

  • CH. 15 PPT (.PDF) [FILE]

    NOTE: In all of my classes today, I ended up around Eli Whitney. He is a VERY important figure in U.S. history! Please be familiar with BOTH his invention of the "cotton gin" and his "system of interchangeable parts," and their social/economic consequences.

    You... more

  • Course Expectations, 2015-2016 -- APUSH [FILE]

    Course Expectations, 2015-2016 -- APUSH

  • Documents Based Questions (DBQs), 1973-2015 [FILE]

    Documents Based Questions (DBQs), 1973-2015

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