Welcome to my.ccsd.net

my.CCSD.net is a service enabling Clark County School District employees to publish professional information on the Web quickly and easily. Teachers can create content-rich Web sites including an assignment and event calendar with little or no training. Students gain easy access to class information, assignments, and resources for their classes. Parents can access current information on their child's classes from home or work, without a password, using the search tool above. School District employees can publish important up-to-date information regarding their duties, department procedures, contact information, downloadable resources, and more.

Participation in my.CCSD.net is voluntary. Not all CCSD teachers and staff will have a my.CCSD.net Web page.

Each my.CCSD.net Web site consists of a Home Page, containing general information, resources, and an event calendar. From the Home Page, employees may also create sub-sites (Classes) which can include Assignments, Announcements, Resources, and a calendar specific to that sub-site or Class.

An InterAct™ account is required to create your own my.CCSD.net Web site. Simply use your InterAct™ User ID and password to log in, then follow the directions on the screen to set up your site.